Best 100+ Blog Niche Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular

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Are you thinking about how to start blogging for money? To help you get started without wasting any time, here’s a list of 100+ profitable blog niches to make money.

Most people who want to make money online stumble upon the thought of starting a blog. But gradually, when they are getting into it, they are stuck on the very first thing about what blog niche they must choose to write upon.

Do you have the same questions as these:

  1. What types of blogs make the most money?
  2. What are the top blog niches?
  3. How do I start a profitable blog to make money?
  4. Which blogs make the most money?
  5. What are the blog niches popular on Pinterest?

If you have then don’t worry—I have prepared a 100+ blog-niche list to make money off your blog so you can start living the virtual nomad life.

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100+ Most Profitable Blog Niches

Around 7 million blog posts are published every day. Out of these many blog posts, how do you stand out?

Well, there are many reasons behind the creation of these blog posts but one thing is for sure: making money tops the list of these reasons. In fact, about two-thirds of those who blog do so to earn.

Often, the following blog monetization methods are used: Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, and the sale of digital and physical products.

However, even with these methods, only 31% of bloggers are able to make money from blogging. Among the 31%, only 2% of bloggers are able to earn more than $150K every year. 

One of the many possible reasons why most bloggers fail to make much money from blogging is their wrong choice of niche.

There are several blog niches that may not generate much income as the others.

It is always a wise idea to start a blog on a micro niche because people trust these blogs more easily.

I have divided the list into some sections to help you find your favorite one easily.

Before starting your blog, you need to research your blog niche and then you have to create a content strategy and post ideas that bring your blog popular sooner.

Health and Fitness Niche

This is one of the most popular and evergreen blog niches that is not going anywhere at any time. Health and fitness niche alone has thousands of sub-niches to start a profitable blog on it. Explore some of them:

  1. Health & Fitness for Busy People
  2. Body-weight training
  3. How to lose weight and feel awesome, Vegan diet
  4. Muscle Gain
  5. Cure Diabetes
  6. Diet
  7. Nutrition
  8. Yoga

Home and Decor Niche

The home and decor niche is one of the most popular niches on Pinterest. You can easily succeed in this niche if you are thinking of starting a blog to make money from Pinterest.

  1. Home Automation
  2. Wall Decor
  3. DIY
  4. Apartment living (this could range from renter issues to decor etc.)
  5. Interior design blog

Parenting Niche

  1. Newborns
  2. First-time parent advice and suggestions
  3. Baby care products
  4. Newborn essentials

Dating Niche

This is another profitable blog niche for making money. Here are some examples of dating sub-niches you can think to start a blog upon:

  1. Male guide to female communication
  2. How to Have a Strong Marriage
  3. How to be a real and true friend
  4. How to save your relationship

Specific Skill Development Niche

This type of blog is considered to be the most specific and detailed informational blog about certain topics. If you have some skills, then you can develop those skills, build a successful blog over it, and can teach people.

  1. Sound Mixing
  2. Garage Organisation
  3. Drawing
  4. Hairstyles
  5. Language Learning Blogs
  6. Writing Style
  7. Social Dynamics & Communication Skills
  8. Working in Uncommon Fields of Expertise While Location Independence
  9. Behavioral disorders in children
  10. Rapid Language Learning
  11. How to become a better writer
  12. Speaking in Public (How to overcome the fear of the audience; minimalistic approach to presentations, etc.)
  13. Learn How to Play the Guitar
  14. Windsurfing
  15. Regular Surfing

Survival Niches

The survival industry has taken a boom in some previous years and people are inclined to learn about survival tricks. Check out some sub-niches for the Survival topic.

  1. Boat Buyer’s Guide
  2. Mountain Climbing
  3. Life Hacks
  4. Rescued Animals
  5. Self-defense training (“for women” or “for children” or “for business executives”)
  6. Self-sustaining lifestyle (grow your own food/ use solar power etc)

Online Business

There is no need to say (I suppose) how profitable and popular this blog niche is. You can start a blog and make money from any of the sub-niches of online business. Check them out,

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing
  3. E-commerce
  4. WordPress
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Entrepreneurial education for young children & adults
  7. DIY Projects, DIY Business, and Selling Homemade Items
  8. Blog & Website Design for Non-Designers (How to make your blog look incredible without spending a fortune)

Saving Money and Personal Finance

Teach people how to save money and finance tips. Check out some popular save money and make money types of blog niches,

  1. Crowd Funding
  2. How to Travel on a Budget (Best hotel deals. Car rental. Trip advice.)
  3. Beyond the basics of personal financial management
  4. Save money and make money
  5. Frugal living

Tech Niche

Another profitable blog niche you can make money by starting a blog over it. The Tech niche could be huge so I suggest you go by narrowing it. Check out the sub-niches:

  1. Smart Watch
  2. Gadgets
  3. Drones
  4. Kitchen Upgrades
  5. Using technology in small business (Google Docs, CRM, credit card processing)
  6. Bullying/cyberbullying
  7. Getting Microsoft Certified
  8. Indie Video Game Development
  9. Video Game tactics showed through video tutorials


People love to learn new recipes and often try new dishes. Another popular niche on Pinterest.

  1. Healthy eating blog
  2. Fast food recipes
  3. Organic foods

More Blog Niches

There are more types of blog niches that make the most money and on which you can start a profitable blog. These are some of them:

  1. Weather forecasting
  2. Quotes and Inspirational stuff
  3. Fashion
  4. Funny Quotes
  5. Self-improvement/Self-Hypnosis
  6. Personal Development (Passions & Ambition Pursuing)
  7. How to Train for a Triathlon
  8. Careers vs. job: following your passion
  9. Ghost-hunting
  10. Community gardening/Urban farming
  11. Point and Shoot Photography (How to create incredible photographs with whatever camera you have in your pocket)
  12. Sports Photography
  13. College planning for homeschoolers

It is also a great idea to market your blog on Pinterest corresponding to your choice of blog niche.

Wrapping It Up

So, I hope you have found the best profitable blog niche for making money.

Let me again clarify that there are no certain types of blogs that make money—in fact, you can make money from almost all types of blogs.

Yes, some niches have fewer opportunities than others and some blog niches are most profitable (I have listed evergreen blog niches above).

With this formula, you can transform any blog into an affiliate website that can start generating passive income for you.

Alternatively, you can also start a Membership site in your niche and sell monthly subscriptions to your members.

If you have any questions, then leave a comment. I’ll be there to help you.

Let me know as well what type of blog you have or what blog niche you are thinking to start with. This starter pack should help.

Please don’t leave this list here. Share it with your friends on social media.

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