Best 100+ Blog Niche Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular

Are you thinking about how to start blogging for money? To help you get started without wasting any time, here’s a list of 100+ profitable blog niches to make money. Most people who want to make money online stumble upon the thought of starting a blog. But gradually, when they are getting into it, they are stuck on the very first thing about what blog niche they must choose to write upon. Do you have the same questions as these: What types of blogs make the most money? What are the top blog niches? How do I start a profitable… Continue Reading

Daily Blogging Is Disappointing

Few of the people I follow regularly recently turned to the "daily blogging" routine and I just stopped reading them. Not that they started writing for the sky and mountains or anything - I just can't catch up with everything, and the new content sounds like a magazine article rather than a professional opinion or review. Unless your work is full-time writing or R&D and your blog is your very top priority, please don't do that. There are too few examples of successful daily bloggers (I won't point fingers, I can think of three or four myself) that don't do… Continue Reading