How Do You Mitigate the Lack of Personal Presence When Working Remotely?

The best advice that I could give to remote workers:

Be passionate about the company culture and the high-end goals of the business.

If you are truly passionate, the loss of personal presence would not be a major problem for you or your team.

Here are several tips for remote workers who want to be more involved with their team environment despite not being on-site:

  • Be proactive and communicate clearly on a regular basis
  • Use a friendly tone and be open to “water cooler”-type of conversations and general chit-chat with your colleagues
  • Try to discuss the bigger picture with your team and managers
  • Send regular feedback, suggestions, ideas for improving the process, team environment, the applications that you use, or the general workflow
  • Participate often in general chats or channels where people hang out at during lunch breaks or when wrapping up for the day
  • Follow your company accounts and your local team members on social media channels (without being creepy or invading personal space)
  • Genuinely share non-confidential accomplishments or contributions while mentioning your company
  • Help out with finding talent and sharing press releases or content from your company’s blog
  • Connect with some local colleagues who are open to having side discussions with other peers and are happy to talk about what’s going on at the office with you

A major problem for many companies working with remote peers is the lack of real connection with the brand or the business. Being truly inspired and openly expressing satisfaction with the company model is noted by the marketing and branding teams and showcases commitment to the business in the long run.

If your company does ship swag to remote folks, make sure that you appreciate that and take the occasional photo with your branded tee or a mug. Otherwise, consider getting some branded yourself, take a screenshot of your wallpaper with the company logo or mascot, or directly ask the marketing and community folks what would benefit the company branding.

If the company is growing and you appear to be an active part of the team, you may very well help with onboarding someone from your local community or even open a local branch of your company with other folks in the same area!