Why Programming is Still Needed While Developing WordPress Websites?

1. WordPress is Primarily Used For Website Development

While you can leverage the REST API in WordPress for any sort of application (including mobile or desktop), its primarily usage right now is for web development.

Sure, you can also embed it into a hybrid application running in a headless browser or something else wrapping the web version – it’s just not the same.

So, if you’re aiming to build a mobile application, embedded software, a big data analytics software with ML, WordPress would not be your go-to choice (or at least only a portion of what does the heavy lifting underneath).

2. WordPress Sites Still Require Custom Development

Unless you’re building a 5-page business website, your application will likely require development.

We specialize in building SME applications on top of WordPress and some of our projects have gone upwards of 5,000 hours of back-end and front-end development. Currently, we’re building a bunch of challenging applications integrating dozens of 3rd party solutions, a platform heavily interacting with 2 .NET solutions within the same intranet, a CRM system and a few more.

As you can imagine, that’s far from installing WordPress and going live within hours. Some of our customers invest 6 to 7 figures annually on WordPress development since it yields $10M – $30M in extra revenue.

3. Not Every Web Application is Suitable For WordPress

I wouldn’t build a clone of Instagram or Twitter with WordPress.

The database schema isn’t ideal for any application and you may end up with 90% of the core codebase unusable for your type of product.

Although, it’s worth noting WordPress Powers 54 of Top 100 Companies in Inc. 5000.

4. Programming is About Solving Business Problems

Not everyone dreams of building simple business websites with no programming involved.

DIY projects mainly target bloggers, photographers, writers, or tiny start-up businesses that prefer to invest in their site a bit later.

But in today’s age, development covers plenty of areas. Your car includes a set of electronics controlled by source code. IoT starts getting traction in automating processes and simple actions within your home. Relevancy engines integrated in eCommerce shops, popular magazines and organizations depend on data use machine learning and various forms of AI.

5. WordPress Could Be a Piece of the Puzzle

Data science often depends on data models built with Python or R. Custom dashboards for business analysis introduce their own metaprogramming languages. Even spreadsheet tables may benefit from integrating different solutions through VBA or other languages such as Google Apps Script.

There’s also programming microwaves, crafting game engines, contributing to desktop applications like Microsoft Office or Open Office – you get the drill.

WordPress is simply one of the popular platforms adopted by the web over the past decade. Sure, it lets you start a website easily and within a matter of hours. But even WordPress-based applications depend on tons of custom development in order to become the popular resources you’re interacting with daily.