What Made You Start Your Business?

Coming from enterprise-grade development, I was eager to bring WordPress to the enterprise world.

Back when we started, WordPress was powering only 12% of the Internet. At the time of authoring this post, 42.4% of all websites online run on top of WordPress.

This growth indicates WordPress’s increasing dominance and the trust web developers and site owners place in its capabilities and infrastructure.

This is a major win for the Open Source ecosystem at large. Just as Android dominates the mobile operating systems and Linux runs on almost all servers out there, WordPress is effectively the go-to “operating system for the open web”, as Matt Mullenweg says.

Open source software provides opportunities for everyone.

  • Free to start for small businesses or entrepreneurs.
  • A learning playground for students.
  • A freemium ecosystem for developers.
  • Great adoption for skilling up and finding new job opportunities over time.
  • The open source code can be validated through tens of thousands of white hackers to ensure security is intact.
  • Regular updates and patches thanks to a broader community of contributors worldwide.

I am grateful to be a part of a community that continues to thrive through innovations and regular WordCamps among other community events that set the platform apart from other open-source software solutions. Indeed, the community is very much alive and vibrant and I am proud to be a part of it.

I was really excited about making the move then, and now, DevriX is a team of 60 people making the web a better place.

And just woke up to a featured article in the local edition of Forbes this morning confirming our work over the past decade.