Is It Good or Bad For Your Brand to Use Remarketing?

The only possible reason for remarketing to be bad is if your product is horrible or deceiving, or any other reason that would question your longevity.

I’m sure this isn’t the case here, which is why the valid answer is: remarketing (or retargeting) can be very beneficial to a business.

Nearly 98% of all website visitors don’t buy right away. A 2% conversion rate is a great deal. Expensive products or enterprise services can only dream of a tenth of this rate anyway.

Remarketing can maximize the potential of a prospect’s journey and lead them back to your website. Remarketing:

  • Strengthens your brand (you stay top of mind for a while)
  • Increases the odds the prospect would get back and take up your deal
  • Allows you to grab their attention with different offers, a discount, or another proposition
  • Helps you A/B test pitches and see which one works best for your ideal customer (i.e. emotional vs. logical copy and creatives)

Most people simply aren’t ready to buy right away. Or browse around. Or check up competitors.

Remarketing will attract a portion of these visitors.

Of course, you need to decide on the optimal frequency for remarketing every single user. WordStream has reported that conversion rates increase the more you broadcast an ad repetitively to a user, and the “creep” factor is overrated. 

There are different points of view, but the general stance is that remarketing is helpful as long as your offer is lucrative and explained properly.

Strengthening your brand using remarketing and other branding strategies is always a rewarding endeavor. The results may not always be instant, but the benefits are for the long haul. 

Doing all this takes time and hard work. You have to get to know who your customers are, come up with cool ways to talk to them and be ready to change your plans if you need to. It’s not always easy to see how well you’re doing because growing a brand is more about the big picture than quick results.

I have written about personal branding hacks and employer branding essentials. Go check them out and let me know if you have questions.