How Do We Recruit the Best People?

You may find some of the best people to hire are the people who stand out in a mix, if not most, of the areas below:

  • Learning Mindset
  • Soft Skills
  • Their Reason To Stay
  • Team Spirit
  • Salary Expectations
  • Culture Fit

Are you looking for someone in-house or coming from the outside?

Use the following framework to refine your recruitment strategy:

  1. Define your vision statement for the next 5 to 10 years.
  2. Extract the traits each of your team members needs to succeed further.
  3. Analyze your existing culture. Point out the best examples and recruits who may need additional training (or won’t be able to fit in).
  4. Break down individual traits per seniority or role. What makes a salesperson great may differ from the characteristics of a rock-solid engineer.
  5. Prepare behavioral questions for your interview process. They gauge specific traits in a creative manner.
  6. Filter the right applicants based on the updated recruitment cycle.
  7. Prepare clear onboarding processes with KPIs in mind.
  8. Schedule feedback sessions ahead of time. You want to aim for direct feedback to retain the best talent and dodge possible deviations from the culture.
  9. Always keep your culture safe and healthy
  10. Profit.

Here is the link to our Recruitment Guide to help you navigate recruitment and overcome the challenges that keep you from hiring the best people out there.