How Do Some People Travel Without Ever Working?

how do some people travel

Mostly, false perceptions and misguiding social accounts that showcase a life of “rainbows and unicorns” don’t exist.

You’ll be surprised to realize how many fake influencers there are. In fact, there are some who rent small studios for an hour just to take a couple of selfies, hijack dinners with celebrities, master Photoshop, you name it.

Aside from that, there are people who:

  • Live as digital nomads for a year or two — working remotely and living around the world, arranging travel and accommodation to affordable places.
  • Travel for business meetings or conferences quite a lot (executives, consultants, keynote speakers).
  • Saved a lot, sold a business, sold their house, won the lottery and spent a year or two traveling.
  • Work the types of jobs that require frequent travel — stewards or pilots, tour agents, translators.
  • Make a living thanks to traveling — photographers, journalists in outlets like National Geographic.
  • Work in corporations long enough to maximize paid times off and other company perks and spend all of their time traveling, plus enrolling for every single “company training” or a “seminar abroad” which adds up.