How Digital Agencies Gather Case Studies for Their Old Clients

Some prioritize it more than others, but not every success story goes into a case study.

70% of our contracts come with heavy NDAs in place. This usually entails the top contracts above all – i.e. the most exciting projects with the highest level of R&D we can invest in.

This is a heavy burden for our portfolio of case studies.

We try to tackle this problem of gathering case studies in different ways. Some of the ways we do it include the following:

  • Discussing case studies earlier in the sales process—preferably before signing the contract
  • Reviewing carefully the depth of the NDA. Some NDAs prevent us from mentioning the name, but we can still publish an anonymized study without screenshots or names, yet discussing the industry and some wins
  • Pitching case studies for media outlets online—seeking better recognition and visibility for both us and our clients
  • Asking for Clutch reviews and/or testimonials to still connect our name publicly with the type of industry, client name, or a company

Before engaging in contract signing, you must try to discuss with your clients the possibility of doing a study involving their case. This can spare you from the complexities that are usually involved in a contract. You could review your NDA deeper to find a way to still publish a case study but it’s best to ask some legal advice on the matter.

Testimonials can also work on behalf of case studies. Often, your clients can tell their own experiences of your services when you ask for their testimonials. The key here is to ensure a good relationship with your clients so they will surely share good experiences and recommend you to the readers or even to their network.