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Client Feedback

How to Align Your Business Strategy Based on Client Feedback

Client feedback is one of your most important weapons to design a bullet-proof business strategy that scales. The feedback that your clients give you is extremely powerful because you are getting paid for it, meaning that they are willing to invest in you and your services or solutions make sense.

While many large companies may have the resources to offer funded relaxation retreats or other extensive mental health perks, it can be difficult for small businesses to find ways to offer similar benefits without those same resources. So how can a small business owner prioritize the mental health of their employees on a budget?

Employee Retention

20 Actionable Ways to Retain Top Talent

How do you retain top talent? Retention rates are going down for most companies around the globe, especially with COVID-19 negatively affecting the workforce and with remote work opportunities. It has now become more challenging to retain top talent.

Forbes: Are These Nine Cash Flow Mistakes Jeopardizing Your Company’s Future?

Cash flow is a crucial element of success whether your business is just starting out or well-established. However, as a business owner, you may find it difficult to move toward positive cash flow while juggling the other management tasks on your plate.

Forbes: 10 Myths About Selling To Customers (And The Real Truth)

Leaders often fall prey to and mistakenly share myths about sales with their team. Believing these misconceptions can hurt their ability to sell. Ten professionals from Young Entrepreneur Council debunk common sales myths and provide the truth on how to be successful in sales. Beware of these myths trying to pass as sage wisdom from salespeople of the past.

Lead Generation Tips

30 Lead Generation Strategies for Service Companies

Every single business struggles with growth. And of the many challenges that starting businesses and even growing ones face, generating new clients is of utmost importance. Often, service-based businesses struggle more in this aspect compared to product businesses, which is why we’ve generated this list for you that would help you generate more clients for your business.

B2B is about ROI

Why Do Digital Marketers Screw Up When Working In B2B?

Why do traditional marketers screw up in a B2B setting? After conducting 20 interviews with B2C marketers running eCommerce or other low-cost products, I decided to prepare a quick outline of B2B marketing and what makes it different.

Recruiter: 9 Incentives You Should Offer to Attract Top Talent

Today’s Question: Other than a competitive salary, what’s one incentive top candidates always look for when job hunting? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization composed of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Herald: Top 30 Influential Entrepreneurs of 2021

We are often dazzled by the world of entrepreneurship that shimmers with money and sparkles with power. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more than that when it comes to living an entrepreneurial life. It’s interesting how various entrepreneurs have made it to the top of the industry with their unique ideas and ceaseless innovation.

Why Clients Shouldn’t Ask for Discounts and How Companies Should Handle Negotiations

Haggling for a lower price is so common that it could even get very challenging to tell the truth from the usual bargain. However, it should rarely be the problem of the salesman, business owner, or entrepreneur. Most of the time, it is the prospect’s problem. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should not ask for discounts as a customer and how you should handle price negotiations as a company.

Mario Peshev: Client Management: Transition From a Vendor to a Consultant

WordPress.tv: Mario Peshev: Client Management: Transition From a Vendor to a Consultant

Most horror stories derived from interacting with clients in the capacity of a freelancer or an agency are caused due to the flawed nature of the presales conversation. Companies seek a technical partner, but the RFP process is framed as a vendor filter, regardless of the competency of the customer. How to position yourself as the industry expert instead?

LinkedIn Expert Roundup: What Qualities of A Job Candidate Matter The Most Now?

What qualities matter the most when hiring new staff? We hired 15 people over the past 2 or 3 months alone and this has been a recurring topic in 2021 for many of us. Here’s what some of the best industry experts say—and what we’ve compiled as the go-to recruitment resource when it comes to onboarding new team members.

Forbes: Eight Tips To Set Boundaries And Achieve Greater Focus At Work

Work can be a distracting place. You have questions and requests from your co-workers or boss interrupting your workflow. You have your cellphone to distract you—emails and texts you feel compelled to answer, social media messages you need to respond to and calls you need to pick up. Without a doubt, maintaining focus is a challenge if you’re not strategic about how you spend your time.

DiTech® Media: 5 Questions with Mario Peshev

I run several companies, including DevriX (a top 20 global WordPress agency) and Growth Shuttle, a business advisory for SMEs. DevriX has coined “WordPress retainers” back in 2015 and we offer technical partnerships for SMEs, high-scaling publications, and innovative startups around the world. 

I run several companies, including DevriX (a top 20 global WordPress agency) and Growth Shuttle, a business advisory for SMEs. DevriX has coined “WordPress retainers” back in 2015 and we offer technical partnerships for SMEs, high-scaling publications, and innovative startups around the world. 

Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2021

As we get closer to the end of Q2 a lot of entrepreneurs have stepped into the spotlight with their successes. This article is going to showcase entrepreneurs that were able to successfully grow their businesses, sustain, and even scale them during this year. These individuals are perfect examples of what an entrepreneur is all about. Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? VIP Media has put together a list of successful entrepreneurs that have strived through all their battles and became successful. Who are they you ask?

11 Aspects to Focus On to Boost Recruitment Marketing

Why do companies invest so much time and resources in recruitment marketing? Gone are the days when companies could easily go cherry-picking among hundreds of applicants. Sure, CVs are flying in all the time but they are predominantly interns or juniors looking for a job in a different industry or field of work.

Developing Self-Discipline

Developing Discipline: 8 Integral Traits and Tips for Practical Application

This is the guide to developing discipline, including both the essentials and the tactics to make it a habit either personally or professionally. So, why is discipline important? The connotations around discipline have been fairly controversial especially when we account for the fact that disciplining team members is using the same verb.

Why Set Up A Meeting

8 Reasons Why Setting Up a Meeting Is a Must

Most business meetings “should” have been an email. If the company is large and has more stakeholders, then the slower and heavier the processes become. This eventually leads to more meetings with less work being done. However, not all meetings are bad.

Forbes: Eight Content Marketing Secrets To Successfully Promote A Brand

Building a content marketing campaign strategy around specific goals the business wants to meet helps narrow the focus, which improves results. Brand promotion, for example, requires different content than product marketing. Here, members of the Young Entrepreneur Council explore eight content marketing secrets that all business leaders should know about to successfully promote their brand.