Executive Assistant

As a technical entrepreneur, the CEO of a 45-person WordPress agency, a business advisor, CTO of a bleeding edge media company, author of “126 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur”, and a public figure published on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Business 2 Community, Adweek, and many more

A company lunch at DevriX

I’m looking for an Executive Assistant on-site in our DevriX office in Sofia, located at Cherni vrah blvd. 73 (near Paradise Center).

What’s In For You?

This is a paid, full-time job on-site. Working hours, however, can be flexible – considering an international overlap across multiple time zones + US coverage.

In terms of perks and my expectation for your professional and personal growth in the organization, you will be able to:

  1. Work closely with me and my teams, some of our digital partners, and gather in-depth know-how and tactical insights through strategy meetings, roadmap conversations, working on blueprints and other business, marketing, management topics we delve into daily.
  2. Double down and undertake niche responsibilities in areas that you want do develop yourself in such as: digital marketing, personal branding, content strategy, WordPress, entrepreneurship, management, business advisory, operations, productivity (based on your interest and desire to learn and progress).
  3. Gather real-world data through our own accounts and profiles, experiments we run, what works and what doesn’t – and get a chance to propose and test ideas yourself.
  4. Gain access to part of my network of vendors, businesses, partners I’ve been working with for over a decade and even contribute in different ways as a part of the job.
  5. Be in charge of coordinating strategic activities (including our in-house tools), learn and iterate through both established successful industry-wide frameworks and homebred techniques developed by me and my teams.
  6. Personally participate in consulting and strategy calls with vendors and advisors profiling in different martech and business areas, carrying over the best industry practices.
  7. Keep learning through studying processes, tools, attending webinars that support our causes and help investigate new tricks to employ.
  8. Access my community of entrepreneurs and managers and help nurture and grow it further.

This will be a long-term position for the right fit.

Consider this an accelerator for your own skills backed by experience, connections, and day-to-day strategy developed through 20 years of practical field work.

What Are The Requirements?

I am looking for a hardworking individual. This doesn’t mean 60-hour workweeks but this is not your general 9-to-5 job. The right fit understands the opportunities in progressing faster and learning a ton about their corresponding area of interest in several different organizations at a time, across different time zones.

In addition to that:

  1. Fluency in English. The majority of our work is in English so a C1+ level is highly recommended (no certificates needed).
  2. Solid communication skills. Crisp communication is crucial – both within the teams and when liaising with partners, vendors, prospects, clients. Make sure you’re comfortable engaging with other executives, managers, directors, or people doing outreach. You will be coached through the process but a baseline of business ethiquette is required.
  3. Passion for several of the following areas: digital/content marketing, PR, entrepreneurship, WordPress, business consulting, project management, operations, photography, networking (online), SaaS, contributing to education and know-how. You must be passionate about the core job so I can teach you everything I can along the way.
  4. Fast decision-making. The job is exciting but challenging, and we jump between tons of activities on a day-to-day. If you’re a hustler who enjoys to multitask and wants to learn quickly, in a true startup fashion across two or three organizations, you’ll be in good hands.
  5. Punctuality. As with every “assistant” job, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. Executives’ time is their most valuable asset and you will be my right hand here. Setting appointments and reminding for meetings, handling slide decks ahead of time, tracking due dates like your life depends on it… Grammar nazis are welcome (but really, it’s more about the eye for detail).
  6. Common digital literacy. This job is suitable for people with no marketing or management experience, but the basic computer and Internet skills are definitely necessary, and some interest in content marketing or SEO, email marketing, landing pages, WordPress would help you get up to speed faster. Make sure you do the due diligence before you apply.
  7. Office presence. Part of the job includes on-site syncs between me and my other teams, making improv photoshoots or quick videos at the office in the breaks (between meetings), and tons of sync/help from me at the beginning. Joining me at conferences or meetups will also be important in terms of positioning and compiling/creating content.

The Ideal Candidate:

  1. Is passionate about business or marketing and wants to employ the latest and greatest techniques in practice. Wanna-be entrepreneurs, bloggers, MBAs can be a great fit here.
  2. Has seen WordPress in action (and appreciates the platform) because there’s a TON that could be done with WordPress (and most of our content is hosted/edited there).
  3. Would love to contribute to free educational content online, including helping out other educational institutions we work with. My content is frequently taught by universities or colleges and we author guest content for reputable media outlets.
  4. LOVES to learn. I’m a workaholic so the constant battle with new knowledge never ends.
  5. Is highly energetic. Doesn’t necessarily mean a loud extrovert running in circles, but having enough “mana” to tackle volumes of work and move the needle daily.
  6. Has probably consumed some of my content over the years – my YouTube videos, Quora answers, local talks I’ve given at conferences, this blog, my guest posts online, interviews or podcasts. Not mandatory but if you can relate with my work, chances are, you’ll be more open to learning given the right opportunity.
  7. Isn’t afraid of numerous activities managed in parallel. The job will not be easy in the sense of “doing the same thing over and over again“. We keep employing new tactics and testing campaigns, measuring results, pushing more content, making new connections, exploring opportunities with vendors, validating concepts across a dozen different sites, gauging and analyzing results. You will also need to keep my sanity intact and assist with the coordination between all parties, which requires great organizational skills in the first place (and hustle).

Some Recurring Activities To Own:

In no particular order but:

  • Assist in arranging meetings with stakeholders based on my availability and agenda. You will have access to my calendar and some guidance in availability and expectations for different meetings.
  • Gather a full suite of details for meetings, conference talks, podcasts. This requires proper communication and risk-management skills talking to stakeholders.
  • Attend some strategic meetings in-house, taking meeting minutes, creating tasks for stakeholders and keeping track of progress to ensure deliverables are taken care of.
  • Assist in building slide decks for internal meetings, presentations, and workshops (leveraging a large database of previous templates).
  • Coordinate business operations activities through our SaaS BPM solution (recurring daily, weekly, monthly tasks, including the personal ones to take over).
  • Subscribe to a number of industry-grade magazines and newsletters for latest practices and industry stats we can leverage in experiments.
  • Support the growth of social media accounts and the blog. This requires aptitude in reading data and analyzing what works and what doesn’t, and working on areas of improvements that support the business goals.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders internally and my remote consulting team on weekly tasks, newsletters, roundups, slide deck development, and more.
  • Attending discovery calls with potential vendors or partners, summarizing learnings and opportunities in email recaps.
  • Collecting statistics, industry news, quotations for interviews, blog posts, guest posts, and facilitating an ongoing content calendar.

If you are still reading, make sure you check my digital presence out first (in case you haven’t). I’m particularly active on LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and lately Instagram.

And if you’re ready to touch base, send an email to mario [AT] peshev <DOT> net with your name in the subject line and a brief motivation letter as to why this job hyped you in the first place.