Short Tips

May 18, 2018

What Are The Best Books on WordPress Development?

There’s a book that I’ve gone through several times over the past 6 years called Professional WordPress Plugin Development eBook: Brad Williams, Ozh Richard, Justin Tadlock: Kindle Store . Both Brad, Ozh, and Justin are reputable and knowledgeable fellows with tons of expertise in the WordPress field. Since it goes over the WordPress life

May 15, 2018

Is WordPress Easy to Use?

Three years ago my friend Morten posted a great article called: WordPress is not easy, and that’s OK. How we speak about WordPress. The ease of use in setting up WordPress and start blogging right away has shifted the focus from “launching a blog” to “building a viable system running on top of WordPress”. WordPress

May 12, 2018

How to Overcome the Blogging Platform Stereotype Before WordPress Platform Development?

During our enterprise sales meetings, we often use presentations tailored to the needs of the business, including case studies, showcase entries and established/reputable international brands using WordPress. We have provided numerous WordPress-driven solutions for the automotive industry, a couple of banks, several platforms generating over 10M page views a month, a number of SaaS applications

May 4, 2018

Can I Develop an Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Netflix Clone With WordPress?

WordPress could be a solid foundation for a site like TripAdvisor – and probably Airbnb. Read the complete overview and our relevant experience below. No off-the-shelf solution or a framework would work right away for a platform of a similar scale. And even the best practices on building a product from scratch or using a

May 1, 2018

How Scalable Is WordPress?

Here’s a slide from a presentation for a talk held by Iliya Polihronov back in 2012: A lot has changed over the past 5 years and the numbers are significantly higher now – without having up-to-date stats publicly available now. Millions to Billions of Views With WordPress While Automattic maintainс a massive distributed server

April 28, 2018

Why Use WordPress as a Web Developer?

Before I made the switch to full-time freelancing, I had three years of full-time Java development experience and several years of dabbing into and extending different PHP and Python-based platforms. My initial grande idea was selling websites with my custom built proprietary JSF CMS. It took me 2 weeks to discard my ludicrous business plan

April 24, 2018

Is It better to Develop a Website From Scratch or Use WordPress?

What is the main purpose of your website and do you aim for career growth as a developer yourself? If you are a business owner looking for a small business website, WordPress will probably suffice for starters. If you are a developer looking for the right programming stack, then it depends on your incentive and

April 21, 2018

Can I Develop WordPress Websites in Other Programming Languages Than PHP?

Short answer: stick to PHP and JavaScript for extending the core platform. Long answer: Technically, it makes sense to rely purely on PHP and JavaScript for features directly related to the core WordPress platform. WordPress websites are built with backward compatibility in mind. That said, you are not limited to those choices for several reasons.

April 18, 2018

How Relevant Will WordPress Be In 5 Years From Now?

WordPress would still be a leading force in the web field 5 years from know. Despite its contradictory codebase (which is quite intriguing once you spend the time to study it), there are objective factors adding up to its success. ~30% of the web is now powered by WordPress. Numerous markets see WordPress as a