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March 29, 2018

Are PHP Developers Redundant Because of WordPress Site Builders?

1. WordPress is a Platform It’s an open-source software CMS that runs 29% of the web. There’s a popular site named which offers a hosted version of the software. It’s fairly limited, although Automattic – the company owning the product (whose CEO is also a co-founder of the WordPress software) – continuously introduces some additions and

March 27, 2018

Why Programming is Still Needed While Developing WordPress Websites?

1. WordPress is Primarily Used For Website Development While you can leverage the REST API in WordPress for any sort of application (including mobile or desktop), its primarily usage right now is for web development. Sure, you can also embed it into a hybrid application running in a headless browser or something else wrapping the

March 25, 2018

Can I Use Drag-and-Drop Themes for WordPress Development?

Themify, most fancy premium themes, and most page builders are meant for solopreneurs, inexperienced business owners and freelancers who want to earn a quick buck for a site that won’t generate any traction anytime soon. The market for providing “site builder” services with no additional value is generally oversaturated. You can probably get a new small project

March 24, 2018

Are WordPress Developers In Demand?

As someone who regularly hires WordPress developers, I can confirm that good developers are in demand. Note that I’ve said good developers. WordPress Developers ARE In Demand WordPress currently powers 30% of the web – which equates to tens of millions of websites (roughly speaking). This includes a massive portion of small business websites and

March 23, 2018

Is Adding More Features Slowing WordPress Down?

As other respondents have noted, new features are usually slowing down a website – but only under specific circumstances. WordPress – and the other web application platforms and frameworks – generate web pages rendered at the browser with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (together with other assets such as images and fonts). Those are processed depending

March 22, 2018

WooCommerce vs. Magento and Shopify – eCommerce Web Development

I’m a bit biased since I’ve been profiling in WordPress for a while now but I’ll share some objective points. That said, Magento has been a leading solution for eCommerce stores for quite some time. It does one thing and does it well – handling large volume of products, orders, and customers for online shops.

March 20, 2018

Is WordPress Suitable for Serious Web Development Projects?

Because building a complex WordPress platform depends on intimate familiarity with the CMS and a careful selection of a theme and plugins (if any). WordPress Site Building Most vendors either discard WordPress entirely or create a LEGO by bundling dozens and dozens of randomly picked plugins combined with a premium WordPress theme. Both approaches are

March 19, 2018

Can I Learn PHP Through WordPress Development?

Learning PHP through WordPress is possible, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Learning PHP From WordPress In all honesty, I know of a couple dozen people who followed that route. One of the smartest minds in my network did that – but it happened over a decade ago when email lists and support forums were still

How to Include a WordPress Plugin in a Non-WordPress Project?

Short answer: You can’t. The long answer is complicated and should be avoided if possible. That said, there are always workarounds… Rewrite the plugin The most viable (and rightful) option is often rewriting the core logic of the plugin. It’s the most time consuming one, but it doesn’t depend on the WordPress Core. Plugins tend

December 12, 2017

7 Steps to Reduce Your Email Backlog

Dealing with a staggering email backlog daily is a problematic chore. It takes a while to browse through your emails, identify priorities, reassign whenever needed, and handle everything without missing important backlog activities. Here are 7 practical ways to reduce your email backlog and automate your process in a sensible manner, thus allocating time and