WordCamp Bucharest – Tips for Enterprise WordPress Projects

I spent the weekend at Bucharest attending the local WordCamp -- a wonderful event made possible thanks to passionate organizers and volunteers, top-notch speakers, generous sponsors, and the Romanian WordPress community! [caption id="attachment_13239" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] WordPress enterprise tips at WordCamp Bucharest[/caption] The topic of my presentation was "Tips for Enterprise WordPress Projects". I did a quick survey before filling out the form, assessing the topics that some local peers would be eager to hear about. Enterprise-grade WordPress applications and large organizations using WordPress were among the most cited ones. And here's the summary of the talk: Decide if enterprises are… Continue Reading

WordCamp San Francisco 2014

WordCamp San Francisco 2014 is in a few days, and I'm excited to joining the largest WordPress community event so far! The great folks at SiteGround are sending me to join the WordPress Core community summit and the contributor team meetups over the next few days and I'm thrilled to meet again the majority of the WordPress contributors from all around the world. After last year's WordCamp San Francisco I managed to get few of my patches in Core, and contributed more than 20 patches since. It's been exciting and incredibly valuable experience. Let me know if you're attending WCSF this weekend and… Continue Reading

Talking SaaS at WordCamp Netherlands This Weekend

The Netherlands is one of the most active communities in the European WordPress ecosystem, and I'm very much excited to talk about Software as a Service applications in the WordPress context this weekend in Utrecht! WordCamp Netherlands is hosted in Utrecht this year, with a Contributor Day on Friday, Oct 14, and a couple of days with talks in two parallel tracks on Oct 15 and Oct 16. I'm basically closing the WordCamp with the last talk of day 2 talking about "Building SaaS with WordPress" while Franz Vitulli is talking about Slack and internal communication in the other room. I will share… Continue Reading

WordCamp Belgrade 2016

Being based in Sofia, attending WordCamp Belgrade last year was pretty much a no-brainer. Luckily, the incredible organizing team in Serbia is organizing another event happening this weekend, or in other words: enter WordCamp Belgrade 2016! It's been close to a year since my sabbatical after WordCamp Europe 2015 when I had to take a long break, rearrange some of my priorities, focus on certain personal and professional things in my life and scale a number of things that would allow me to regroup our resources and give back as a team. We used to contribute more than 5% "before it was cool"… Continue Reading

WordCamp The Netherlands – May 10-11

I'm flying to WordCamp The Netherlands  in 6 hours and I'm going to share my thoughts on the WordPress Code Architecture. I've been brainstorming on that subject for years, ever since I've started working with WordPress, being technically challenged compared to all the other programming languages and design patterns I was used to until then. My slides are constantly "in progress" but I hope that I'll be able to share some of my thoughts to the folks there that would lead to a productive discussion rather than flame wars and such. All related comments are welcome upfront as well! Continue Reading

See you at WordCamp Norrköping next week

I'll be joining the fun at WordCamp Norrköping next week from Friday to Sunday: I'll be helping with the Contributor Day over the weekend and I'll give my Debugging WordPress talk to the dev community there. If you're into WordPress development or interested in a secure and scalable managed WordPress hosting, meet me there and I'd be happy to chat.   Continue Reading

WordCamp Europe 1.0

We have attended the first WordCamp Europe in Leiden this weekend. It was great to meet so many WordPress people in Europe, including several amazing community people from the US, Australia, Asia and other great places. I'm not sure what the official numbers say, but I guess more than 650 people were having fun in Leiden. Two days of talks, after party on Saturday and Contributors Day on Monday. I was finally able to meet Amir in person, I was having a great time working for him on the Toolset project, together with other community folks. I was unable to… Continue Reading

Start a WordCamp in Your City

According to my notes from the past 3 years I've seen many WordCamp organizers getting nervous and exhausted from organizing a WordCamp. Often the next WordCamp is organized by other community people and the main reason is actually the bad taste in mouth from organizing the previous event. I tend to disagree with this and I'm writing a counter-post to what my friend Kovshenin wrote for WordCamp Russia :) I'm in the organizer committee for WordCamp Sofia for a second year and I'll explain why I love to be in the WordCamp organization group. WordCamps are fun The most important… Continue Reading

Meet you at WordCamp Oslo

Next weekend I'm attending WordCamp Oslo 2013, visiting Norway for the second time. I'll be presenting a JavaScript related session since JS is practically everywhere in web now and the majority of technical people (frontend or backend devs, administrators etc) tend to expect that the language is pretty much straight forward, or already known due to it's C-like syntax that one could use as a server-side language developer or even studied some C/C++ at school. If you want to have a quick chat over the weekend, don't hesitate to ping me around the venue - it's always great to meet… Continue Reading