WordCamp Bucharest – Tips for Enterprise WordPress Projects

I spent the weekend at Bucharest attending the local WordCamp — a wonderful event made possible thanks to passionate organizers and volunteers, top-notch speakers, generous sponsors, and the Romanian WordPress community!

WordPress enterprise tips at WordCamp Bucharest
WordPress enterprise tips at WordCamp Bucharest

The topic of my presentation was “Tips for Enterprise WordPress Projects“. I did a quick survey before filling out the form, assessing the topics that some local peers would be eager to hear about. Enterprise-grade WordPress applications and large organizations using WordPress were among the most cited ones.

And here’s the summary of the talk:

  1. Decide if enterprises are your forte. Enterprise work involves a lot of paperwork, negotiations, meetings, a complex sales process. As Marius quoted me on Twitter, “It’s not a hell, just a different type of game.”
  2. Define your enterprise audience and tackle as a corporation. Study how enterprises operate and adapt to their process.
  3. Sort out your legal and communication paperwork on time. This is paramount, it really is. Imagine landing a 6-figure deal only to find out that your small business/solopreneur whatever account doesn’t allow that.
  4. Acquire all assets as early as possible. I’m sure that’s happened even with small businesses but the number of decision makes on the enterprise front can slow the process down even further.
  5. Bet on professional tooling that could scale. PM and support systems, legal/quoting tools, SaaS and marketing automation platforms, everything you can think of.
  6. Deliver outstanding quality that follows the 3S. The “3S” is our DevriX framework for success we follow for every project – Stability, Speed, Security.

Thanks again to the welcoming Romanian crowd — hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn and let’s connect!

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