Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety With These 10 Practical Steps

https://youtu.be/5ijUgzafblw In 2006, I made a career switch and joined an R&D company with a strong training department. Over the past decade, I’ve spent over 6,000 hours on stage - the majority being public speaking and training courses mixed with 100+ conference talks and various meetup or workshop sessions. I’ve had the opportunity to teach classes and speak at: CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) Saudi Aramco (the world’s biggest oil company) VMware, SAP, Software AG, and dozens of other multinational tech organizations MIT (and a dozen more universities, training academies, and schools) to name a few. Today, I’ll… Continue Reading

How Do You Effectively Plan Your Company’s Internal Training Programs

What is the purpose of internal training programs?  Plenty of internal training programs for employees are designed to bring revenue to the business.  One of my biggest fears is that our team would become complacent. Chilling in their comfort zone. The sole reason I started DevriX was the opportunity to tackle complex enterprise-grade projects from different angles. That's how we started our marketing team and became a HubSpot agency partner. This evolved in a different vertical dealing with programmatic advertising and several other areas of proficiency. And I refer to myself as a "learnaholic". I study weekly, take on exciting,… Continue Reading

Onboarding Best Practices That Every Business Should Use

Onboarding new employees is an essential part of the recruitment process. Skipping this requirement can backfire big time.  But here's the thing: onboarding a new hire takes months until reaching efficiency. Hiring the wrong fit is often a 5-figure investment (and past $100K for some roles), considering mentorship, training, and involving other team members and management in the process. Onboarding Is Crucial To Reduce Hiring Costs Since hiring is so expensive, it's approached carefully. I try to simplify the recruitment process by hiring motivated people eager to solve problems, avoid cultural misalignments (and a toxic environment), and ensure everyone can… Continue Reading

Developing Discipline: 8 Integral Traits and Tips for Practical Application

This is the guide to developing discipline, including both the essentials and the tactics to make it a habit either personally or professionally.  How to Be More Disciplined The semantics around how to become disciplined have been fairly controversial especially when we account for the fact that disciplining team members is using the same verb. The truth is that discipline is merely sticking to an established process, following protocols, and adhering to requirements.  And even the most easy-going startups, or the companies with fun Google-like playgrounds, still require a certain amount of discipline because every business goes through ups and… Continue Reading

Web Development and WordPress Online Training

The end of my PHP course at the Software University is near, and I'm planning a new program for WordPress development. I've been teaching courses since 2006, take a look at my training portfolio. Few of the companies where I have trained employees are: VMware, SAP Labs, Software AG, Melexis, and I have also trained groups at CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and Saudi Aramco - the world's most valuable company. I am a seasoned teacher at several universities and technical schools, and I have presented at several WordCamps around the world, such as: Edinburgh, London, Oslo, Sofia, Porto, the Netherlands,… Continue Reading