Web Development and WordPress Online Training

The end of my PHP course at the Software University is near, and I’m planning a new program for WordPress development.

I’ve been teaching courses since 2006, take a look at my training portfolio. Few of the companies where I have trained employees are: VMware, SAP Labs, Software AG, Melexis, and I have also trained groups at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and Saudi Aramco – the world’s most valuable company.


I am a seasoned teacher at several universities and technical schools, and I have presented at several WordCamps around the world, such as: Edinburgh, London, Oslo, Sofia, Porto, the Netherlands, Norrkoping, Hamburg.

I have several training programs for web development and WordPress development, and my new class will be studying a custom program for 10 online students. The complete format for each week is the following:

  1. 2 hours of video materials
  2. homework assignment for each student
  3. 4 tickets/emails from each student regarding technical issues related to the course, including custom issues with your website, server infrastructure questions, etc.

The table of contents and the course scope/duration will depend on the majority of the trainees.

It’s a paid training program that would be adjusted to your skills and requirements.

Based on the current discussions with applicants, the course would last approximately 20 hours (9-12 sessions, 2 hours each) and the cost for each student would be $250-300. This is subject to change and will be adjusted according to the course scope.

Apply here and send me a short list about the topics you are interested in. Applications would be open in the next 3 weeks, and the selected candidates will start the training program on Aug 12.

Training costs would depend on the scope and and course duration. Let me know of your preferences via the contact inquiry.

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