My WordPress Advice and Tips for Business Owners at Mr Marketology

I spent some time with Jeff from The Marketology Group for his podcast Mr Marketology discussing the WordPress world and best practices. Don't mind the small "P" in WordPress, other than that it was a great chat and it reminded me again how many basic bits from the WordPress ecosystem aren't obvious to people outside of our community. I've been spending a lot of time with marketers over the past couple of years and that taught me a lot, which is why I was more than happy to share my overview on the WordPress market and the large ecosystem of business owners running WordPress… Continue Reading

The Challenges Of Building a Site For a Friend

I often receive referrals or friends asking me to set up a WordPress website for them. It's usually something fairly small - such as a 5-page business website or a simple magazine website. They are close friends of mine or have been recommended through my network. They have received some offers, but are looking for a reliable solution instead of a shady freelancer or a random website building company. [caption id="attachment_12623" align="aligncenter" width="821"] Costs vs. Value[/caption] Generally speaking, I usually price services based on one of these two approaches: Free help for friends and family for trivial tasks and general guidance.… Continue Reading

WordPress Product Marketing – the Right Way

I browse and read a lot (articles, code) on a daily basis, I tend to forget quickly due to the tons of data that passes through my head (I normally have about 5 windows with 20 Chrome tabs open each). I read a great post by Brian Krogsgard on marketing WordPress products on Wed and I finally had the time to write a quick review. It's a great resource. It's definitely a post to be read by everyone who is building (or has already built) a product or a service that needs attention from users. And by definition this should be every… Continue Reading