• digital marketing strategies SME Execs must upgrade

    June 19, 2019 Marketing

    10 Major Digital Marketing Strategies SME Execs Must Upgrade Now

    According to Joel House, businesses that show up on the first page of results get 92% of consumer traffic. Hence, it is not surprising when WordStream’s report showed that just 8% of advertisers are decreasing their advertising investments on Search this year; this compared to a whopping 46% that are increasing them. With this, it […]

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    May 8, 2019 Business Strategy

    8 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Running a Business and Landing Customers

    We certainly live in the most entrepreneurial era since the inception of the humankind. Many are giving entrepreneurship a shot thanks to the media support, the large number of startup communities, somewhat accessible investment capital, and the development of the digital landscape. The entrepreneurship wave combined with the demanding millennial rules of freedom and results-driven […]

  • manage new projects

    May 1, 2019 Management

    7 Reasons Why It is Difficult to Manage New Projects (Or Inherit an Old One)

    As a project manager, you need to assess the culture, your role, your team, how problems escalate, what your responsibilities are and how to tackle edge cases (delays, problematic team members, running out of budget, handling scope creep, disagreeing with a client, etc.) And within the right environment, everyone follows the company mission statement and […]

  • 4 Ps of Employee Relations and Conflict Management

    April 17, 2019 Management

    The 4 P’s of Employee Relations and Conflict Management in the Workplace

    Around $359 billion in paid hours or 385 million working days are lost every year due to workplace conflict. This is according to the “Workplace Conflict and How Business Can Harness it to Thrive” report. To avoid conflict and maintain positive employee relations, there are certain aspects that must be present in your workplace. These […]

  • traits of a great manager

    April 10, 2019 Management

    6 Traits Of A Great Manager And Top Tips To Develop Them

    There are good managers. And then, there are great ones. Great managers commonly grow within a business. Many of them started from low-paid, intense jobs as regular employees. They evolved because they were excellent in their tasks, delivered good results, and went through many promotions until they were offered a senior management role. This growth […]

  • January 2, 2019 Business

    Mentorship – Invaluable Advice From Competitors

    “Mentorship” is a vague term. Great mentors are successful industry leaders who are indirectly competitors of yours (at least a few years ahead of time). Someone may pick their own mentor when they are a public figure and consume every bit of information they produce. Virtual Mentors I have a few of those mentors on […]