10 Time Management Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is both a state of mind that entails many personal and professional traits and a way of life that requires a lot of balance and time management.  Being able to launch, execute, grow, and scale a business is an intellectual exercise involving a lot of research, networking, planning, business strategy, marketing, sales, and a number of related activities. As a result, entrepreneurs have to jump between tasks, hop on calls, attend events, and be extra careful with each and every decision for their business endeavors.  This constant juggling act can significantly benefit from the insights provided in "The Chimp… Continue Reading

10 Global Industries That Need Business Process Management the Most

To become and remain successful and rise above the competition, businesses must continuously improve and monitor their processes. Failure to do so may result in big financial losses, lower investment capital, reduced motivation in employees, and fewer satisfied customers.  This is why more and more companies worldwide are adopting business process management (BPM) applications in different flavors. BPM tools are designed to manage workflows in a consistent, repetitive model, providing an instrument for collaboration among all team members. A great example of how critical process optimization is for a business's long-term success can be found in the book "Built to… Continue Reading

Top 26 of My Most Recommended Newsletters

I have been asked by many of my followers and business associates about my most recommended newsletters and every time, I take delight in sharing my list. Whenever I recommend, you are guaranteed that I only recommend what I read on a regular basis. After all, we cannot give what we do not have. :)  Each week, more and more newsletters get added to my list ( I even just signed up for 3 more newsletters as of this writing!) I also maintain a newsletter of my own wherein I faithfully release my latest resources and the most important articles… Continue Reading

Acquiring Digital Properties: Why, What, and Where to Buy

Today, we are discussing how to acquire digital properties: WHY, WHAT, and WHERE to buy.  I have been buying digital real estate such as agency websites, SaaS platforms, e-commerce applications, content publishing websites over the past 11 years. Some sites are well-established and successful while others are starter apps I integrate into my portfolio or bundle into existing solutions. Buying digital properties has definitely been one of the endeavors that I have been enjoying quite a lot. My Experience Buying Digital Businesses Some of the acquisition deals have turned into great business opportunities or just tangible investments that have led… Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why It is Difficult to Manage New Projects (Or Inherit an Old One)

What makes projects so difficult to manage? As a project manager, you need to assess the culture, your role, your team, how problems escalate, what your responsibilities are and how to tackle edge cases (delays, problematic team members, running out of budget, handling scope creep, disagreeing with a client, etc.) Organizations that use proven project management practices waste 28 times less money than those that do not have practices in place. Source: Visual Planning And within the right environment, everyone follows the company mission statement and the core principles of the organization. This will turn your decision-making process into a… Continue Reading

Critical Thinking Strategies for Business Leaders

Critical thinking is a powerful skill that's applicable in both daily life and running a business. It's the cornerstone of making sound decisions and navigating complex situations. Unlike simply reacting to circumstances, critical thinking empowers you to: Analyze information objectively: You can sift through details, identify key points, and separate fact from opinion. This allows you to form judgments based on evidence, not emotions or biases. Evaluate evidence critically: Not all information is created equal. Critical thinking helps you assess the source, credibility, and potential limitations of evidence. You can then weigh different perspectives and build a strong foundation for… Continue Reading

10 Hiring Paradigms to Consider in 2024

This year continues to be surprising even after all that we went through in the past years. As a result, we had to shift the way we work, the way we think, the way we process information, and the way we pivot in business. Many of us had to go through a new process of hiring and managing people, dealing with stress, organizing events due to the semi-remote nature of work, finding different ways to communicate with one another, and so forth.  As a result, hiring in 2024 for most companies out there is a lot different compared to what… Continue Reading

Top 10 Business Advisor Skills Your Company Can Benefit From

Gaining experience is not a solo adventure; learning from the best is a shortcut many people underuse. There are over 800 thousand management consultants in the US alone. While large enterprises can leverage the services of titans like Deloitte, McKinsey, KPMG, Accenture, Bain & Company, SMEs operate with different budgets compared to the average size of a US government contract exceeding $4.5M. At any stage of your journey, you face strategic obstacles with multiple ways out. Gauging the right path forward is an expensive exercise that could easily turn into a powerhouse working with the right business advisor. Some of… Continue Reading

10 Ways to Make a Bad First Impression During Business Outreach

For people who are uncomfortable with direct sales contact, conducting business outreach might be a compelling alternative to cold-calling; however, when adopting business outreach strategies, it's crucial to take into account the impact a “strategy” may have on your brand. As an introvert, I've spent the majority of my entrepreneurial life mastering the techniques of inbound marketing. But avoiding business outreach forever isn't sustainable — especially in the early days where SEO is practically non-existent and your social-media followers primarily represent your "friends and family" circle. Research led by ValueSelling Associates, Inc reports that 48% of sales professionals are afraid… Continue Reading

8 Step-by-Step Guide To Hiring a Smart Business Assistant and Focus Only On Increasing Your Business Value

Although it can be a rewarding journey, being an entrepreneur also has its share of difficulties. You must be a jack of all trades and a master of all hats if you want to succeed in running a business. If you're managing a tiny firm, this might be a daunting undertaking. You must juggle a number of tasks, including managing finances, providing customer service, developing marketing strategies, and managing daily operations. In particular, entrepreneurs, who have just started their business, are burdened with a variety of tasks related to their enterprise, including accounting, day-to-day operations, traveling, scheduling meetings, offering basic… Continue Reading