Speaking at WordCamp Belgrade This Weekend

WapuujloWhen Marko came for WordCamp Sofia in 2013, I promised that I’ll make it possible to attend the first WordCamp in Serbia as well. Despite of our crazy work weeks lately, I had to make it work so there we go 🙂

So Stanko and I are attending WordCamp Belgrade this weekend. I’ll be presenting about Building a WordPress SaaS.

Since the talks are 25min long, I will cover:

  • the general aspects of the SaaS solutions
  • what are the popular options for building SaaS in the WordPress context
  • some technical tips for building the right process
  • general ideas of building the marketing or sales planning
  • pricing options for a SaaS-driven model

We won’t have time to dive too deep, but I’ll be around later for comments and discussions.

The majority of the products that we’ve been working on over the past two years are SaaS, and we’re building our own here as well, so I would be happy to share some of my thoughts on the process of building SaaS and running the marketing and sales process accordingly.

If there’s anything specific that you’d like to hear there (or in general), let me know and I’ll try to cover that as well.

Your thoughts?