July 29, 2014 Business

Business Around WordPress

The latest WordPress pricing discussions went viral and it’s apparently an important subject that should be discussed broadly at WordCamps. The large number of implementers out there are affecting the number of technical experts, and the competitive prices of other platforms lead us to the question: Why are the WordPress budgets underpriced? I’ll share my experience so far as

July 19, 2014 Development

Web Development and WordPress Online Training

The end of my PHP course at the Software University is near, and I’m planning a new program for WordPress development. I’ve been teaching courses since 2006, take a look at my training portfolio. Few of the companies where I have trained employees are: VMware, SAP Labs, Software AG, Melexis, and I have also trained groups at CERN

July 14, 2014 Community

WordPress Products and Demos

Last year at WordCamp Sofia I gave a talk named “Choosing the right WordPress theme”. Contrary to the first guesses title-wise, since I’m not a designer at all, my topic was focused on the different sources to find a theme, based on a given set of requirements. Few of my slides were referring to the product piracy –

May 12, 2014 Development

Disable WordPress maintenance nag

In case of a WordPress multisite with a specific setup trying to run autoupdates, you could add the following to prevent the WordPress autoupdates: define( ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, false ); Hiding the automatic update messages in dashboard for site users and single site admins, you could disable the nag actions: add_action( ‘admin_init’, ‘dx_prevent_notifications’ ); function dx_prevent_notifications() { if ( !current_user_can(

May 7, 2014 Development

WordCamp The Netherlands – May 10-11

I’m flying to WordCamp The Netherlands  in 6 hours and I’m going to share my thoughts on the WordPress Code Architecture. I’ve been brainstorming on that subject for years, ever since I’ve started working with WordPress, being technically challenged compared to all the other programming languages and design patterns I was used to until then. My

April 6, 2014 Development

Periodic Table, my First Public Upload

Recently I found a link to an app that I’ve published online almost 10 years ago and as far as I remember, it’s my first publicly available application ever, free for download: I’m definitely not proud with the overall end product or the code quality produced back then, but that’s my first contribution to the

March 26, 2014 Development


I was dealing with network DB option filtering few weeks back and I was unable to find a proper way to use update_option, update_site_option or any relevant function to update the main site’s option value. I just found update_blog_option which is pretty cool and it does the following inside: … switch_to_blog( $id ); $return =

January 22, 2014 Development

WordPress Code Architecture and Maintenance

In my last post on WordPress services and pricing I’ve mentioned that I prefer to work on different assignments and avoid the “cloning” pattern – such as building standard 5-page business websites all the time, 20 times a month. Working and experimenting with different APIs, trying to bend a platform in a non-standard way, providing features

December 30, 2013 Development

My MVC Experiment for WordPress Plugins

I spent a few days last week working on a new plugin, trying to approach it from different angles and test a few development flows in a way that would possibly change the way I work. One of my experiments was related to building an MVC plugin for WordPress – and I failed to do

December 22, 2013 Development

Manage Git-driven Packages with Bower

Bower is a handy tool by Twitter that serves as a front-end package manager. It’s based on node.js and compliments other related tool such as Grunt that became popular in the WordPress Core project itself. Bower uses Git to manage repositories, and given the popularity of GitHub (and other git-driven projects, for that matter) it