The Lifecycle Of An Entrepreneur

The most genuine disappointment from entrepreneurship I’ve seen myself were former full-time employees who used to work in large corporations. Transitioning from corporate roles to entrepreneurship often leads to unmet expectations and disappointment. In large corporations, roles are defined, resources abundant, and predictability high. Employees focus on specific functions without worrying about the bigger picture or the bottom line. The responsibility can overwhelm those used to shared accountability in corporate settings. The skill set for entrepreneurship differs from specialized corporate roles. Sales, networking, and general management are often new challenges for former corporate employees. The shift from a structured, resource-rich… Continue Reading

Managing Interruptions And Boosting Work Performance During Crisis

Digital businesses were forced to move fully remotely during the social isolation of COVID-19. But this is one of the worst experiments of "testing out remote working." Employees experience different dynamics at home. Kids are home-schooled (or babysitters are no longer available). Social contacts are non-existent. The biological weapon creeping out there keeps everyone alert. So do you still think coronavirus is the best social experiment for assessing a distributed company? Remote Work In COVID-19 Times Enter the world of interruption science. Different studies under interruption science report that interruption during productive hours may take 15 to 45 minutes for… Continue Reading