Career Advice Software Developers Must Consider

A friend of mine approached me as they were sitting two tables from me. He introduced me to the guy who has spent a few months reading about PHP, Java, system administration, and relevant fields, being clueless as to what’s the best career path for him. The conversation revolved around several major points that I have enumerated below. Building The Right Technical Background My first question tackles the technical background of future developers. Software engineering is not about code. It’s about solving business problems through code deployed on top of a set of servers, running on a given operating system, interacting… Continue Reading

WordPress Developers – Interview with David Bisset

Our last interview in the Google+ WordPress Developers community is with David Bisset - a BuddyPress freelancer from Florida, one of the WordCamp Miami organizers, recognized WordPress expert and the creator of WP Armchair. David and I discussed the freelancing business of his and I find it quite amusing (in a good way, just like I said in the video :) ) that he's working with European clients, which isn't quite common with most of the WordPress freelancers or small agencies. We went over the large events coming over the next few weeks - WordCamp Europe and WordCamp San Francisco, and… Continue Reading

WordPress Developers – Interview with Matt Medeiros

Yesterday we had another great interview for the Google+ WordPress Developers community (over 5200 devs participating), this time with Matt Medeiros: Matt is one of the most active podcast masters in the WordPress community, focusing on the business aspects of our ecosystem, and is also involved in several interesting projects, including Conductor. We chatted about the current state of the podcast field out there, and covered various aspects for the life of the WordPress themes, WP Mentor and the WordPress mentorship support program and much more. Check it out. Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Business and Cash at WordCamp Sofia 2016

Bulgaria is hosting yet another WordCamp this coming Saturday and I'm happy to join the speaker forces (despite having to wake up at abnormal hours on a Saturday) 💤 DevriX will be present at WordCamp Sofia 2016 and our team would be around over the weekend for any questions regarding WordPress development, business growth, remote working or building SaaS solutions. Additionally, we're sponsoring the event and presenting with 3 team members of ours - talking management, sales, and WordPress business market overview. I would cover a sensitive topic for developers who are struggling with finding market opportunities for selling their services. We'll talk about the… Continue Reading

WordPress Development Hangouts (hi)story

We had a great discussion with Marko Heijnen yesterday recorded in our WordPress Developers community on Google+. It was the fourth video we record with active WordPress community members so I thought that it's time to set a playlist with our WordPress videos and also shed some light on the overall idea. History The WordPress Developers community was created on Dec 7 2012, a day after Google announced their new Communities feature. It was yet another place for WordPress people to 'hang out', still as an Open Source person myself I'm running Android on my phone and the Google integration… Continue Reading