16 Reasons I Haven’t Responded To Your Email

After writing about the main reasons I don't pick up my phone, I was eager to author a separate breakdown of why I dodge scheduled meetings (and what makes asynchronous work more bearable). But due to the evergrowing influx of emails or direct messages across a dozen platforms, a rationale behind delaying replies appears to be a more timely piece. On a regular business day, I receive about 350 direct emails and dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of direct contacts across social networks or IMs (excluding work communication). Without further ado, here's a list of possible causations on why you haven't… Continue Reading

Responsibility and Trust in Business

Few minutes ago I found out that Kickstarter was hacked, and user information was exposed. It's not the first time a popular site gets hacked (and it won't be the last, for sure), the interesting part however is why did that happen and what would be the right path for a service like this to handle the data protection layer for its users. That's how I see the three layers of trust/responsibility relationship in that combo: There are other interpretations and possible role assignments, but let's stick with that for a bit. Users/Customers Let's apply that Kickstarter example to another… Continue Reading