10 Global Industries That Need Business Process Management the Most

To become and remain successful and rise above the competition, businesses must continuously improve and monitor their processes. Failure to do so may result in big financial losses, lower investment capital, reduced motivation in employees, and fewer satisfied customers.  This is why more and more companies worldwide are adopting business process management (BPM) applications in different flavors. BPM tools are designed to manage workflows in a consistent, repetitive model, providing an instrument for collaboration among all team members. A great example of how critical process optimization is for a business's long-term success can be found in the book "Built to… Continue Reading

Critical Thinking Strategies for Business Leaders

Critical thinking is a powerful skill that's applicable in both daily life and running a business. It's the cornerstone of making sound decisions and navigating complex situations. Unlike simply reacting to circumstances, critical thinking empowers you to: Analyze information objectively: You can sift through details, identify key points, and separate fact from opinion. This allows you to form judgments based on evidence, not emotions or biases. Evaluate evidence critically: Not all information is created equal. Critical thinking helps you assess the source, credibility, and potential limitations of evidence. You can then weigh different perspectives and build a strong foundation for… Continue Reading

The 38 Biggest Business Challenges Growing Companies Face

Growing a business is complicated. According to SBE Council, 89% of all businesses employ fewer than 20 employees. And scaling a company further is contingent on solving a number of business challenges -- most of those being common across all organizations out there. Businesses in their first year or two, under 10 to 20 employees, and making less than $500,000 in revenue are still validating their business model. Once a certain sense of stability is met, several repetitive challenges keep haunting organizations, over and over again. [optin-monster-shortcode id="bvo0dmszdzz4j6ua2ljr"] This is why I've compiled this comprehensive list of the most impactful… Continue Reading