Into 2015

2015 is here again, and everyone is recovering from the New Year’s Eve parties around the globe. I would like to wish everyone a happy healthy and successful new year.

My TODO list so far is endless, so prioritizing and getting the most out of it would be one of my main targets (priorities!). Also, the reason for this post is mostly Brad’s post:

Since that’s what I plan to do here as soon as I outline the main topics I would like to blog about. 2014 was entirely outside of my comfort zone work-wise, since I dealt with almost everything irrelevant to development most of the time, and there’s a lot more happening outside of our WordPress community that we could learn from and use in our regular life.

In the meantime, we’ve prepared a list of handy tools for bloggers in 2015 out of the top plugins in the WordPress ecosystem:

Best WordPress plugins for Bloggers in 2015

Over the next week or two I’ll be working on our internal process and scheduling things over the next months – so any tips and comments are appreciated during the brainstorming season this month!

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