Is It Risky to Give Developers WordPress Backend Login?

There are so many misconceptions within the topic of giving developers the WordPress backend login, so let’s list down the main points.

  1. Developers survive through development, i.e. running a business is not what they profile in
  2. Every legitimate business needs a vast investment in marketing or sales to bootstrap and become profitable (code itself is irrelevant)
  3. Truly important website data should be under various legal constraints that enable you to sue people over in that case (let alone NDAs and contracts)
  4. Unless you work on a thesaurus, the website data is probably irrelevant under a new brand
  5. Try not to hire the shadiest people on the planet

Even if you gain access to Google’s entire codebase, it would cost you billions a year to maintain the data centers alone, and years to build a somewhat okay team that manages services, AI algorithms, and a bunch of other segments of the software.

And even if you had all that for some miraculous reason, Google exists mostly due to a brand they have been nurturing for 2 decades. Outcompeting a leader is so expensive and really complicated.