How Can You Apply Productivity Techniques in Content Production?

I’ve been compiling productivity techniques for a while now and most of them are applicable in content production as well.


Pomodoro revolves around 25–5 blocks—25 minutes at 100% focus (no interruptions) 5-minute breaks, run a few rounds, and take a longer break.

If you break down your content process into different sections or headlines, you can focus on one or two sections at a time, before you move to the next step.

Getting Things Done

GTD is a more comprehensive and complex process, but it’s handy while gathering ideas, compiling sources, stumbling upon quotes, etc.

You can still arrange your entire weekly schedule around GTD and become extremely productive in both writing and editing.

The 1–3–5 List

The 1–3–5 list is another handy productivity technique around a single top priority task a day, 3 mid-level, and 5 quick wins.

First off, you can arrange your daily agenda this way. Get the most time-consuming task done first (be it long writing or other non-writing activities that eat up your time) and arrange the rest.

Or consider a new piece the biggest task, and adding quotes or sources or media as the 5 quick wins.

Bucket Lists

I use this one as my main content production source.

Buckets represent ideas, sources, content topics, sample headlines across different categories (topics you cover) or activities (my blog, guest articles, podcast episodes, video titles).

My team fills up the buckets with a minimum threshold—say, 20 ideas per bucket.

When I’ve got some time, I focus on one of the buckets, pick 2 or 3 titles that resonate with me at the time, and push them in a single batch.

Don’t Break the Chain

Don’t break the chain is another technique by Seinfeld which is fairly simple—set a schedule and be consistent. Once you’ve reached 20, 30, 50 concurrent weeks or so, it’s really hard to dodge one and procrastinate as you’ll fail your own record.

All in all, there are lots of techniques you can use to produce high-quality content on a regular basis.

Integrating these productivity techniques into your content production will make your process more efficient, effective, and fulfilling.

By setting clear goals, effectively planning, using technology to your advantage, minimizing distractions, and focusing on quality, you’ll achieve greater productivity and success in your creative endeavours.

Remember, your approach to content creation can evolve and improve continually, leading to more impactful and engaging work that resonates with your audience.