How Can You Find Business Advisors?

Back when I first launched my website, I realized it’s almost impossible to find business advisors online.

(Which was personally great news since I rank as a business advisor in the top 3 results in US Google search consistently).

Most people offering relevant services for businesses are:

  • Employed by a single company and not offering services outside of work
  • Employed full-time in a different role and don’t boast a lot about their side consulting
  • Using different terms to account for their advisory work, such as consulting, coaching, or mentoring
  • Focusing on a specific area of business advisory – financial, legal, operational, management, sales, digital, technology, recruitment
  • Not actively looking and mostly relying on their internal network

Reverse-engineering this research, you can find business advisors by:

  1. Looking for business experts in your network and asking if they are open to advisory work – one-off or monthly
  2. Searching for niche advisors and working with several people skilled in a given area
  3. Browsing for consultants or coaches in the corresponding area
  4. Tapping into local business/networking communities to find relevant people
  5. Use a designated service like Clarity — On Demand Business Advice to find experts for hire on a consulting basis
  6. Asking partners or directly on social media that you look for recommendations for business advisory services

I also offer business advisory via Growth Shuttle—where planning leads to value.

You can check out this guide on hiring a business consultant for more tips or visit my business strategy guide for a list of resources and advice on business strategy.