What Is the Best Time for a Weekly Hour-Long Company Training Session?

Every company has designed different workflows long before a trainer is approached for a class.

For instance, we’ve got regular meetings and training sessions at DevriX that currently look like this:

  1. A Monday all-hands meeting at 10:30am to 11:30am (30min for the entire team and 30min for several departments, discussing sprints and problems)
  2. Tuesday consulting and coaching sessions for some of our tech members
  3. Wednesday workshops every other week around 1:30pm
  4. Thursday management meeting at 1:30pm for an hour, with a couple of management meetings afterwards
  5. Friday team report prep and bi-monthly training sessions for our entire technical team

Some of our team members start around 9am and others commence at 1pm. 1:30pm is a suitable time to start (whenever possible) and our evenings are busier than usual due to clients across different time zones.

Sometimes, activities around 11:00am make sense in case later shift members won’t need to attend. Evening classes don’t suit us due to the active business hours between 6pm and 10pm.

Other companies approach that differently. Back in my training days, I had different training schedules for companies:

  • 10am – 2pm for 4-hour long classes during the first half of the day
  • 11am – 12:30pm or 12:30pm – 2pm which overlaps (slightly) with the lunch break but gets the job done since employees often don’t schedule calls or meetings around lunch
  • 5pm – 7/8pm for “after hours” assignments (this is often a blocker for parents)

I hope these help in figuring out your own schedule for optimal work productivity.