WordSesh overview

Last week we had the first large WordPress ‘meetup’ online called WordSesh. It was an incredible event that was yet another proof for how awesome the WordPress community is.

I had the chance to speak at WordSesh and I presented the WordPress.org Themes Directory and the process of reviewing themes. The video is embedded below + slides here.


There were several remarkable topics from the ones I was able to watch personally (a few I had to miss due to the urge to sleep), but my top three were:

Shane’s Managing Distributed Code Teams. That’s probably the most inspiring topic I’ve seen in quite a while. Since I used to be the lead of the Freelance Lodge here for some time and working remotely ever since, I couldn’t help but notice how close Shane was to my perspective of proper business management, working, ideals and directions. It was the very best a team might need while being in a position of working in a highly distributed team all over the world – or, as the GitHub team said last year at OpenFest – you wake up, cool stuff was going on over the night, then you do your work, you go to bed and work is being done 24h a day. Beautiful.

Fred’s WordPress Performance Optimization. Mind-blowing as always, Fred revealed a few more concepts of W3 Total Cache and the overall process of optimizing a large website with an active user base. Must watch (more than once).

Brian and Pippin’s WordPress Plugins, Code and the Ecosystem in General. Ever since Pippin’s talk for extensible plugins I have been a fan of his approach and Brian was a great fit to the discussion of plugin building and general concepts related to active members in the WordPress ecosystem.

There were many kick-ass presentations on WordSesh so do yourself a favor, take a longer break and start watching.


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