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#1 Tip On Becoming A Better Software Engineer

Beginner software engineers are clueless at work — even with the best mentor on the job. They lack the overview of the bigger picture, corresponding technical layers, operating as a part of a team, utilizing internal tools and a lot more to that. It may get depressing and troubling, especially in more agile teams and…

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managing web agency - chris lafay

Building And Managing a Web Agency — YouTube Live With Chris LaFay

So Chris LaFay and I connected on LinkedIn after interacting there for several months. We literally bumped into each other while texting on LinkedIn as our messages arrived within the same second. So, for our first chat, we picked the video format, and discussing our background in starting, building, and running agencies, along with the…

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build a marketing team

Building a Marketing Team: A Startup’s Guide

A lot of people have asked me on what’s the best way to do that. And I’ve been talking to a bunch of small businesses some startups that don’t have marketing teams on site. And then they’re reaching out to us for marketing services and more often than not I’m saying “Look you’re not ready…

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best policy for hiring

Full-Time Employees, Freelancers, Agencies – Pros and Cons

What are you supposed to do when you need special digital work whether it be marketing, web development, design or etc.? There are three common options that you can pick from: Hiring a full-time employee Hiring a freelancer Working with an agency I have been a part of all three. I have been an employee,…

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start your own business

Can You Build a Successful Business As a Software Developer?

As we all know developers and sales people usually share different traits. Developer seems to be more analytical. Most people are more introverted, they are into maths, algorithms and stuff like that and I don’t mean to oversimplify that because I’m a developer myself. But most sales people are more extroverted trying to be more…

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university degree

Do You Need a University Degree to Be Successful?

  I’m the CEO of DevriX, a team of 30 building high scale WordPress applications. So a full disclosure, I’ve spent four years at the university and I still haven’t gotten my diploma. I have a few credits left and I don’t really find it to be a major priority going there, taking the final…

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