Project-base, Support and Salary

  During my couple years of work as a PC techy support guy, administrator, company hired developer and freelancer, I've finally separated three different types of work: project-base, support and salary. Project-base This is a popular way of working in USA and Europe. The client has a task to be performed by an expert. Therefore the employer seeks for an appropriate guru to fulfil the one's requirement. Simple as that. What are the major characteristics of project-base work? fixed requirements usually short-term or medium-term fixed price for the whole project or different phases Focusing on the broader perspective, a freelancer could be hired… Continue Reading

The Salary Factor

Last week Eric Mann posted his 2014 Salary Survey Results covering some rough figures about our industry and the average salaries paid for different levels of experience. I like aggregated data in general, and it would be nice if more people take on that sort of studies in 2015, extending their horizons across the entire world, including web development companies in Asia, Africa, South America as well. Because "distributed" is a popular lifestyle in the WordPress Community, and it's an important factor that we should never forget about. Before I start, Brian Krogsgard posted about the cost of a WordPress website - which is a post… Continue Reading