15 Types of Small Business Advisors

Management consulting is a $329-billion industry and it continues to grow with small and medium-sized businesses increasingly seeking diverse expertise to navigate the challenges of scaling in the ever-evolving business landscape. But while the Fortune 500s can afford to splurge tens of millions of dollars for contracts assigned to Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture and the other market leaders, SMEs still need strategic guidance and support in the face of a business advisor. If you want to address the most pressing business challenges in 2024, here's a list of the most relevant types of business advisors to consult in times of need.… Continue Reading

18 Ways to Receive Maximum Value From Consulting and Mentoring Sessions

There are so many different situations where you may have a chance to receive valuable information from top consultants and mentors all over the world. This may be your usual consultant that you hired on retainer, a speaker that you met at a conference, or a mentor you applied to over the internet. In all cases, what I've gathered over time is that lots of people are not prepared to receive the right piece of advice all the time, not ready to execute on it, or generally not maximizing the value they get from certain sessions.  This is why after… Continue Reading

Mentorship – Invaluable Advice From Competitors

"Mentorship" is a vague term. Great mentors are successful industry leaders who are your indirect competitors (or at least a few years ahead of time). Someone may pick their own mentor when they are a public figure and consume every bit of information they produce. If you choose a mentor who is only a few years your senior in the same industry, the rewards can be just as significant. Their advice is more relatable and immediately applicable because they've just overcome the issues you're presently facing. Plus, their insights are contemporary, making them highly relevant. Virtual Mentors On mentorship by… Continue Reading

12 Key Differences Between Coaching and Consulting I Didn’t Expect

The past 20 years have uncovered a myriad of professions or titles that are loosely defined, or not immediately related to a clear connotation. A great example of this is depicted by one of my most popular posts which is about non-programmers called "developers" and the different technical titles. It made it to HackerNews years ago, and still shuffles around Twitter feeds I get looped into (including this morning). The difference between coaching and consulting has caused confusion among those who want to offer business coaching and consulting services. No matter if you’re a client looking for consulting or coaching… Continue Reading

New: Group Mentorship for WordPress Developers and Agencies

Over the past few years I've been receiving a steady flow of incoming inquiries for mentorship, coaching, consulting and general assistance coming from WordPress freelancers, consultants, developers, agency owners and tech leads in WordPress agencies. [caption id="attachment_12365" align="aligncenter" width="960"] A technical presentation on WordPress Code Architecture at WordCamp Netherlands[/caption] Currently, I work with a small group of people who reach out once or twice a month and ask for strategic decisions, sales strategy, technical advice on building a reliable infrastructure, marketing help, getting involved with the WordPress community and so forth. Some of my peers are actively growing and I'm super… Continue Reading

WP Mentor, Helping and Community

Last month Matt from Matt Report launched a great site called WP Mentor. Setting up a mentorship program for the WordPress community is an incredible idea so kudos to Matt who made it happen :) If you can't see the value in that site, let me explain. Balance and Entertainment I've been helping people since I've started teaching classes in 2006 and I've always enjoyed that. It's challenging to explain a concept, technology or an idea to someone else and it's a process that actually entertains and educates both sides. If you're a senior engineer with a team formed by… Continue Reading