WordPress Developers – Interview with Matt Medeiros

Yesterday we had another great interview for the Google+ WordPress Developers community (over 5200 devs participating), this time with Matt Medeiros: Matt is one of the most active podcast masters in the WordPress community, focusing on the business aspects of our ecosystem, and is also involved in several interesting projects, including Conductor. We chatted about the current state of the podcast field out there, and covered various aspects for the life of the WordPress themes, WP Mentor and the WordPress mentorship support program and much more. Check it out. Continue Reading

WordPress Development Hangouts (hi)story

We had a great discussion with Marko Heijnen yesterday recorded in our WordPress Developers community on Google+. It was the fourth video we record with active WordPress community members so I thought that it's time to set a playlist with our WordPress videos and also shed some light on the overall idea. History The WordPress Developers community was created on Dec 7 2012, a day after Google announced their new Communities feature. It was yet another place for WordPress people to 'hang out', still as an Open Source person myself I'm running Android on my phone and the Google integration… Continue Reading