DX Plugin Base – Ongoing Updates

I built DX Plugin Base several years ago as a general plugin framework that we could use internally, and something that could serve as a code repository for most of our projects. I'm really happy that some folks got the plugin and built their own reusing most of our code, such as the Metwit Weather Widget. Since we hired a few more folks helping with both client work and internal projects, over the last couple of weeks we have been brainstorming on what could be added to our existing code base in order to improve our plugins - new features, enhancements, and… Continue Reading

DX Plugin Base v1.3 with AJAX

Earlier today I pushed an update to my skeleton plugin builder - DX Plugin Base. The plugin is meant to be used as a base for creating new plugins, you can either copy-paste it and just delete and replace what needs to be changed (that's what the author of the Metwit Weather Widget did) or just use specific functions to create post types, meta boxes or anything like that in new plugins without having to browse again in Codex or old projects for "how exactly did I write that the last time". The new enhancements in version 1.3 are AJAX… Continue Reading

DX Plugin Base v.1.1 released

I've released a major update of my DX Plugin Base plugin which servers as a skeleton for WordPress plugin creation. Some of the old code has been refactored and simplified and a few new features have been added as well. Currently the list of code snippets working and included in the sample plugin base is: custom post types and taxonomies setup sample admin menu and subpage example of the Settings API in the admin pages - creating 2 options with a validation hooked function for further use registration of activate/deactivate hooks adding 2 metaboxes on pages - on the right… Continue Reading