DX Plugin Base – Ongoing Updates

I built DX Plugin Base several years ago as a general plugin framework that we could use internally, and something that could serve as a code repository for most of our projects. I’m really happy that some folks got the plugin and built their own reusing most of our code, such as the Metwit Weather Widget.

Since we hired a few more folks helping with both client work and internal projects, over the last couple of weeks we have been brainstorming on what could be added to our existing code base in order to improve our plugins – new features, enhancements, and polishing our alpha code for open beta that we could launch over the next weeks.

So, instead of blogging more about the latest happenings in the WordPress industry, I took some time doing client work and also improving the docs of our plugin. Now we have our shiny readme that describes most of the available code samples in a simple way, one by one, making it even easier for new devs to start building plugins using the WordPress APIs and following the standards. We’re improving the readme as we speak, and will iterate and add more features from our backlog in order to make it better and easier for the onboarding process of developers who are still learning the WordPress development process.

DX Plugin Base Docs
DX Plugin Base Docs

After using the plugin for training purposes with over 200 of my students, we’re back to the dev stage – improving the plugin, adding some new features, and building even better and more stable framework for new WordPress plugins.

DX Plugin Base is what we call Underscores for WordPress Plugins. Take it, fork it, change a few bits, add a function or two and there we go – your plugin is ready for use!

If you’re interested in helping out, feel free to send a PR or add a GitHub issue for code snippets that we could add to our plugin.


Your thoughts?