DX Plugin Base v.1.1 released

I’ve released a major update of my DX Plugin Base plugin which servers as a skeleton for WordPress plugin creation. Some of the old code has been refactored and simplified and a few new features have been added as well.

Currently the list of code snippets working and included in the sample plugin base is:

  • custom post types and taxonomies setup
  • sample admin menu and subpage
  • example of the Settings API in the admin pages – creating 2 options with a validation hooked function for further use
  • registration of activate/deactivate hooks
  • adding 2 metaboxes on pages – on the right and at the bottom
  • demo of an example shortcode (try it yourself in a page)
  • sample widget with an active admin form
  • frontend styles/scripts enqueue ‘the right way’
  • enqueue admin styles/scripts ‘the right way’
  • defining several common constants for paths and versions

Feel free to use the plugin for educational purposes and spread it around. I will continue to add more valuable snippets proving a working samples of the WordPress API on the way.

Your thoughts?