swpMVC – WordPress Rails-alike framework

Just noticed on Twitter this one:

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I’m very fond of more abstract development practices and a good MVC modeling with ActiveRecord has always been a pleasure to see. Since WP itself has too much procedural programming with global variables, this one as a concept looks very neat.

I don’t believe it would have any influence at all for the core or for smaller plugins, but at least could be a great start for a larger plugin (some eCommerce or real estate framework).

4 thoughts on “swpMVC – WordPress Rails-alike framework

    1. Looks neat, I’ll take a look next week. I think it’s idea is a bit different though, in terms of the application field and purpose.

  1. Hey I’m the author of the framework – just wanted to thank you for the mention, and also let you know I’ve added a quick start tutorial after getting some feedback that the API docs are too coarse, it’s here if you’re interested – http://streetwise-media.github.com/swpmvc_todos/

    If you do find yourself using the framework to build something I’d love to hear, hit me up via Github and I’d be happy to link to anything you build in the docs/wiki

    1. Hey Brian,

      You had an awesome product out there, you know.

      I find it entertaining and scalable, I would consider using it for a larger project if I manage to negotiate with the client. However the true value would be spreading the news so that the core team could be influenced at least a bit little for the overall future WordPress development.

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