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I value my time a lot, and I would rarely spend it on boring stuff. I don’t browse YouTube at all, nor do I watch animated gifs all over the Internet, since I’m quite passionate about the WordPress community and building successful businesses.

I found Matt and Chris on Clarity through their social media accounts and blogs, and I find the service to be incredible. I joined Matt’s mentoring program last year, I do consulting through this blog and DevriX, and I teach classes on different subjects, so coaching is a specialty I’m passionate about.

One of the people behind Clarity’s success is Mark Cuban, one of my favorite Shark Tank investors. You can even call him for advise which could definitely pay back for a brilliant idea.

Getting access to successful people with many years of experience over the phone could rock your world if you have the right product and know what to ask for. The service is still growing, which is great for people asking for advice. Most consultants are still building their rating and work on lower rates. There is a Q&A section of the site with startup and business questions, and the quality is high – most answers are actionable and could help you grow your business with the right marketing, PR and entrepreneurship strategies.

One of the testimonials of the service is:

“A $100 Clarity call stopped me from buying $30,000 in software that I didn’t need.”
Michael Cohen • CEO of Wrightwood Furniture

My Clarity identity is available for WordPress consulting and business growth strategies.

Edit: I contacted the support team due to the wrong WordPress casing for the WordPress and WordPress development categories, and they resolved it in just a few minutes. Which is awesome! Even more incredible is that the staff is actually on Clarity too – so you can even ask them for advice.

2 thoughts on “Clarity Calls – The Ultimate Consulting Solution”

  1. Ajay says: January 12, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Congrats Mario! All the best on the new assignment 🙂

  2. Mario Peshev says: January 12, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    Thanks Ajay, Clarity is a great place to exchange ides with other business owners and consultants, so I hope that it will get more popularity this year!

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