What Unusual Qualities Should Entrepreneurs Have?

Entrepreneurship is promoted as an exciting adventure and that tends to revolve around all of those positive, noble, magnetic skills or qualities of successful business owners.

Therefore, most of the media world stresses on a multitude of admirable qualities or some personal development goals that everyone would strive to achieve with no hesitation.

To spice it up, I took a different approach for my piece 7 Unexpected Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs for Business 2 Community. If I have to shrink the list even further, here’s the top 3 list of odd quirks that successful entrepreneurs often have:

  1. Paranoid. Success causes a false sense of job safety. Inexperienced entrepreneurs may take a back seat after closing a large deal or ensuring a prospective long-term revenue for a few months ahead. Top entrepreneurs know that competition is breathing down their necks and everything could take a 180-degree turn before you blink.
  2. Solo players. Teamwork is important, but being a firefighter and handling specific cases is even more crucial. Great entrepreneurs also may start their venture alone—and they need to be self-sufficient while validating their business model.
  3. Persuasive. There’s no better salesman than the business owner. The viability of a business idea is always contingent on the ability to close leads, secure funding, land ongoing clients, or build a splendid brand story. While this is far from deception, entrepreneurs may have to be a bit more aggressive and pushy in order to stay afloat.

These unusual habits often help successful entrepreneurs stand out and succeed in a business scene that never stays the same.