Should You Have Separate Social Accounts For Your Businesses?

Keeping separate social accounts for your businesses would be best unless you already have established an influencer brand.

If Ronaldo or Mark Cuban or Obama decides to write about skateboarding or run a separate video gaming channel, millions of users will get hooked, because they *love* their brands already, they respect them; they want to become them, follow their lead, get their attention.

Call them “superfans”.

Once you cross a certain popularity threshold, you can do almost anything you can fathom.

For us, mere mortals, keeping readers engaged (if available at all) is a ton of hard work. This is why you stand a better chance by separating your specialties into two properties, maintaining each of them as a standalone account.

It would incur some overhead for maintaining 2x the number of social accounts. Also, you won’t be able to link to both properties if you speak, guest post, join interviews. But, it’s still a better plan until you become a celebrity.