What’s the Next Big Thing in Personal Productivity?

Aside from all productivity frameworks and tools out there, virtual assistant services are on the rise.

While digital productivity tools are precious, they lack the human element. A virtual assistant, on the other hand, brings a personal touch.

They can understand nuances, make judgment calls, and even provide feedback or suggestions based on their expertise. This blend of human understanding and skill is something no software can replicate.

While there’s no shortage of digital tools designed to enhance productivity, the growth of virtual assistant services underscores the enduring value of human expertise and adaptability.

I think the next big thing in personal productivity has a lot to do with hiring a virtual assistant. I’m not necessarily talking about hiring a full-time assistant, but rather task-based VA solutions popping up every now and then.

What are task-based VA solutions?

Task based VA solutions refer to the companies offering the services of a task-based VA. Task-based VAs are generally the ones you can rely on to perform one-off assignments and administrative tasks that include but do not limit to the following:

  • Email management
  • Appointment setting
  • Research
  • Event planning
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphics design

There is a great chance of finding a virtual assistant who can perform several tasks but you’d prefer to work with someone who has developed an expertise on a specific task.

Instead of spending a lot of time on certain activities—from research through email management and managing agenda to monitoring social media or news sites for the latest news—you can opt for task-based virtual assistants. 

US-based VAs start from $10/hr and offshore ones (or services) tend to be even cheaper, so offloading 5–20 hours per month on external help can be beneficial for saving time, receiving information in a structured manner, and spending time on activities that yield a higher ROI.

Indeed, this will affect your time management positively. As you delegate one-off tasks minus the complexity of having to hire for full-time positions, you can free some time for actual business endeavors that directly help you increase revenue or bring in more clients. 

All productivity techniques and frameworks should be designed this way. You get to save time and money and work on initiatives that need more focus. You cannot be everything at the same time. But with task-based VAs, increasing productivity is definitely achievable.