Online Resources For Learning WordPress

Resources For Learning WordPress

Learning WordPress is like “studying the Internet” — there are dozens of job profiles using the platform in different capacities.

In terms of covering the basics of the WordPress dashboard or the core feature set (and then some), here are some of the reputable and popular course vendors:

  1. WP101 – WordPress Videos. I’ve got a lifetime license here and the quality is pretty great for beginners.
  2. Video User Manuals. Also a lifetime customer, we’ve deployed this to multiple clients’ dashboards and Troy Dean is a known leader in the field.
  3. WordPress – Lynda — The platform was acquired by LinkedIn and the courses are led by various trainers, some of them known WordPress consultants and professionals like Carrie Dils and Morten Rand-Hendriksen.
  4. WordPress Apprentice — Haven’t tried it but I’ve heard some positive feedback.
  5. Tree House’s What Is WordPress? — A well-known training camp with different verticals, WordPress being the usual suspect.
  6. WP Beginner Videos — Syed from WP Beginner has built the first educational site for beginners. The video section followed as a result.

Udemy has a broad section of indie WordPress courses, I’m sure some are fine but there’s nothing I can recommend.