How Do You Manage a Hostile Employee?

Managing an employee’s hostile behavior in a large, corporate environment can be very challenging. 

It is a complicated process that requires you to take precautions or risk worsening the matter.

Disciplinary procedures sanctioned among offenders often include the following phases:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Suspension
  4. Termination

The key here is to properly document incidents and monitor behavioral issues. The data you will gather must be in paper and presented to the HR department for appropriate resolution. If needed, you may discuss the issue with your colleagues primarily to gather evidence that will support the case. 

While the process is similar to that in smaller teams, conflicts must be resolved by conducting a meeting immediately after the occurrence of inappropriate or hostile behavior. Make sure an explicit warning is given. 

As the manager, it is also your responsibility to investigate the reasons behind the behavior and explain the company culture carefully. 

You have to make it clear within your team that hostile behaviors are strictly not allowed. Instilling the value of teamwork with an emphasis on your company culture can be very helpful.

There are cases, however, that might potentially get out of hand. Make sure you are quick to assess the gravity of the situation and ask for help to secure the vicinity at work before jumping on your own. 

There are cases that allow immediate termination but just make sure if the case leads you to that. 

In the long run, make sure that your recruitment process is good enough to ensure that proper assessment of job candidates is done so you can avoid hostile situations within your company.