How to Identify A Good Fit When Hiring A Freelance Writer?

Hiring a freelance writer depends a lot on the type of business and what a writer is needed for.

For instance, my agency employs 2 full-time writers, but we work with additional writers to produce more content or cover other topics that our folks don’t profile at. My other business relies on guest posts, so the quality there can be lower for some sites, but deadlines are shorter (since the agency works with a buffer of ~3 weeks ahead of time).

In terms of cost, it depends whether you’d be working for one-offs vs. long-term deals, and the combination of quality work and topic expertise. I’ve paid (twice) ridiculous amounts for content for 2 US writers who produced shallow crap that barely touched the basics, so it’s a mix of course.

Again, some initiatives ask for volume, others—for variety in topic interests, or purely demand high quality. It’s a broad world out there.

If you are looking to hire a content writer or content marketer, here are interview questions you can ask to check whether a prospective candidate fits your standards.

interview questions when hiring a content marketer

Most times, I would assign a test title within the niche we want to cover.

Assigning a test title allows me to gauge the content creator’s or team member’s capabilities. Can they handle the subject matter with finesse and depth?

Do they have the requisite knowledge or know how to research effectively to fill in any gaps?

It’s one thing to produce content; it’s another to ensure it resonates with the target audience. By focusing on a niche-specific test title, I can verify that the output aligns with our audience’s expectations and desires.

What I look for within the piece is:

  1. Unique content – it’s not uncommon to discover plagiarized content or too much data based on a single existing article out there (including the same order of headlines within the body of the article)
  2. Vocabulary – while I’m not fond of content that sounds like a legal contract or scientific research, content that’s too shallow does not make a good impression. That’s specifically valid for non-native writers
  3. Familiarity with the field – top-notch writers can get up to speed in tangible areas with little research, but less experienced authors may have a hard time within an industry they’ve written for too. Facts can be represented in a funny way if you rely on the wrong sources
  4. Maintaining the flow – a proficient writer can draft a story that follows a logical order and a consistent flow, just what you would expect from a story. Mixing in random facts together doesn’t end up in a polished piece so keep an eye on this one
  5. Sticking to basic requirements – most writing jobs require adhering to a certain tone or formatting guidelines. Too many mistakes on this front show a lack of attention to detail which could lead to other problems later on

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