How Has Entrepreneurship Not Only Changed Your Life but Yourself as an Individual?

As an entrepreneur, outside of work, I:

  • Constantly think of “time” as an expensive asset that should be valued, highly
  • Appreciate any creative endeavors aiming to disrupt a space
  • Value progress, innovation, learning way more than “a fat paycheck”
  • No longer obey the media-implied hypothetical virtues of large MNCs
  • Understand that multiple people are often slower or less efficient than a single great individual
  • Firmly believe that learning is paramount to staying on top of your game
  • And yet, see (99% of) traditional education as a constrained effort to deploy “common knowledge” at large
  • Have a deeper respect toward relatives and distant friends who try ridiculous initiatives on their own, despite the backlash and distrust of their inner circle
  • Can’t stand repetitive, boring activities that suppress progress and can be automated or delegated to freshmen
  • Believe in the concept of “investing in the future” instead of obsessing about a linear salary/career growth
  • Am terribly wary of large personal investments that would put me up against the wall, financially speaking
  • Value motivation, determination, intelligence in young talent hungry for a real-world opportunity
  • Can make reasonable assessments of surrounding value comparatively to its ROI potential
  • See TV ads and billboards through the lens of an advertiser or a product manager
  • Know that “founder” or “CEO” means the idiot willing to put up with a lot more work and serve tons of bosses, contrary to the popular belief
  • Respect dreamers and believers in radical ideas who put their money, time, and effort when their mouth is