What Should I Avoid in Order to Focus as an Entrepreneur?

Avoid receiving any sort of feedback, encouragement, or criticism without filtering it carefully.

Entrepreneurship is still a contradictory topic. It’s common to receive two types of feedback:

  1. Friends or other dreamers who assure you that your business is a unicorn.
  2. Concerned family members and close friends who are afraid that you’ll fail, get depressed, flip out, or whatever.

None of those is helpful to an entrepreneur. What may be valuable is listening carefully to a specific form of feedback regarding your process or the product-market fit.

And you can deduct some conclusions and refine your process further.

But your “groupies” may slow you down while your concerned friends will empower your hesitations.

Once you’re convinced that your business is worth it and you are ready to enter the long journey of building a rock-solid business, focus and don’t let distractions get in the way. 

Hard work and hustling are all you need to succeed with the right idea in place.

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