Short Tips

June 26, 2020

How Do You Prepare for a Podcast Guesting?

There are two phases of preparation I cover before we begin recording for a podcast guesting: Context and format preparation Availability and setup The first step involves gathering enough data for the show: audience, duration, format (audio vs. video), style, etc. We proceed with discussing topics that would be a good fit and the right

Content Delivery Network

February 28, 2020

Should You Use A Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) lets you host your static assets across hundreds or even thousands of nodes around the world. The benefits? Serving content will be faster as visitors receive moderately “local” assets and many of them may be cached already. Lower server load on your end (reduced bandwidth and better concurrency support). Additional

social media platforms

September 28, 2019

Should Social Media Platforms Fact Check News Posts?

Social media platforms need a proper reporting mechanism for fake news sites. Some like Facebook do that, however, that’s often misleading, and relying too much on automation is making things worse. Others, like Twitter, don’t really incorporate that (aside from banning accounts). Facebook is easy to fake because it only takes a handful of reports on

content management system for photographers

August 9, 2019

The Best Content Management System for Photographers

All Content Management Systems out there support media uploads, galleries, content production (About/Contact pages or blog posts or other story pages including your work). For starters, when searching for the best content management system (CMS) for photographers, you can really launch your portfolio with any of them. From a visual standpoint, do some research upfront

topic for public speaking

May 7, 2019

Steps To Choosing A Topic For Public Speaking At Your School

Figure out the specific topic that you would like to cover. Could be: The value of being loved and supported by your family. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your parents. Family values transferred to school and other extra-curriculum activities. An inspiring story from your childhood that shaped you into a young, reasonable, modest and honorable human being.

August 28, 2018

The Purpose Of “Story Telling”

A Product Or A Service Without A Story Is Just A List Of Features Nobody needs features. People need solutions to problems in their specific industry. Storytelling allows for putting those features to work by defining practical scenarios. Each business is unique in a way – there’s a company mission and business goals. There’s the