The Purpose Of “Story Telling”

A Product Or A Service Without A Story Is Just A List Of Features

Nobody needs features. People need solutions to problems in their specific industry.

Storytelling allows for putting those features to work by defining practical scenarios. Each business is unique in a way – there’s a company mission and business goals. There’s the company culture. There’s a backstory to starting the business. And an ideal subset of problems that are uniquely solved by a solution.

Building a startup or a small business falls into one of the following two categories:

  1. A completely new, unique, extravagant solution that’s one of a kind.
  2. A competitor of an existing service provider or a shop selling a similar product.

The first case is rare – there are plenty of businesses out there innovating in all popular niches.

You Need To Create A Brand New Category

Still, if you happen to invent something that doesn’t exist, you need to create a brand new category. Since there’s no practical market need that people are aware of, a story would put a problem into perspective and relate to your prospects.

It could be a set of scenarios that prospects face on a regular basis and your solution can help with them. Or a personal story leading to the inception of the product where prospects can identify (themselves) with it.

What Makes You Different

If you are entering a saturated market, the question is: what makes you different?

There are tons of supermarkets, design agencies, dentist offices. Yet, each one of them profiles in something unique or has some vibe attuned to the energy of their ideal audience.

Businesses operate in different manners and follow various processes. Some focus on quality, others – on price. Some are friendlier while others are conservative and to the point.

Each market has value for a specific audience.

To build the bond between your business and your market, you need a story that serves as the bridge between you and your customers.

This connection goes beyond transactions, building trust, loyalty, and a shared identity between your brand and its audience. A well-told story has the power to go beyond the usual business dealings, creating a meaningful and lasting relationship with your customer base.

That’s where storytelling comes into play.